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IV International Conference on Corpus Linguistics (CILC-12)

Jaén (Spain)
22-24 march, 2012

The Spanish Association of Corpus Linguistics (AELINCO) and the local Organizing Committee  are pleased to announce that the 4th International Conference on Corpus Linguistics (CILC2012)will be hosted by the University of Jaén from 22 to 24 March 2012.

Since the eighties, the leading role of new technologies and the growing awareness of the importance of the interdisciplinary nature of scientific research have led to a profound transformation and diversification of work on corpus linguistics, corpora and their applications. Thirty years on, it seems necessary to look both into the present diversity of corpora and their applications and into the range of linguistic studies stemming from such evolution. Consequently, under the theme Language, corpora and applications: diversity and change, the fourth edition of this conference welcomes proposals for presentations, posters and panel discussions on such issues as corpus-based linguistic evolution, corpus-based genre and register linguistic variation, recently-compiled corpora, minority language corpora, corpora and applied fields (translation, terminology, lexicography, second language teaching and acquisition, etc.), computational advances in corpus-based linguistic research, etc.
This conference was supported with funds from the Department of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment of the Andalusian Government (Incentives to Conferences) and from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (FFI2011-15186-E).

Find more information at the conference website.