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CILC instructions and style sheet


CILC Conferences instructions style sheet

Instructions for presentations

Papers should be presented in English or Spanish. Papers should last no more than 20 minutes plus 10 minutes for questions. 


Instructions for submissions

Submissions should be written according the following guidelines:

An extended abstract in English or Spanish, between 450-550 words, not counting bibliography. Authors should present a main argument, aims, theoretical framework and some results. The abstract will be submitted to review and should be formatted in the following style:

Title, centred, bold, font Times New Roman 14 pts,
Keywords, italics, font Times New Roman 12 pts, below the title,
Main text, justified, font Times New Roman 12 pts, linear interspacing 1,
PDF formation,
References to the author(s) will be anonymised,

A short summary between 150-200 words, without bibliography, using the same guidelines as the extended abstract.
The author(s) should assign the paper to one of the nine AELINCO panels.