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Pedro A. Fuertes Olivera

Pedro A. Fuertes Olivera


Professional contact information

International Centre for Lexicography
Universidad de Valladolid

Fields of interest

Corpus-based lexicology and lexicography
Corpora, contrastive studies and translation

Research area keywords

lexicografía especializada, Business English, traducción, ESP

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Other details

Dr. Pedro A. Fuertes-Olivera is Full Professor and Head of the International Centre for Lexicography at the University of Valladolid, Tutor at the Spanish Open University (Palencia), and Velux Visiting Professor at the University of Aarhus. He has been keynote/plenary speaker in conferences held in Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, Namibia, South Africa, Spain, and the United States. He is currently the Principal Investigator of several funded research projects, author of more than 150 academic publications - e.g. he is the author of Mujer, Lenguaje y Sociedad: Los estereotipos de género en inglés y en español (1992), co-author of Pedagogical Specialised Lexicography (John Benjamins, 2008), Theory and Practice of Specialised Online Dictionaries. Lexicography versus Terminography (De Gruyter, 2014), Manual de Lexicografía Especializada: La Construcción de Diccionarios de Internet (Comares, 2015), editor of Specialised Dictionaries for Learners (De Gruyter, 2010), and co-editor of e-Lexicography: The Internet, Digital Initiatives and Lexicography (Continuum, 2011, and Bloomsbury, 2013). He is editor in chief of several dictionaries, both specialised, e.g. the Diccionarios de Contabilidad  ( and general, e.g. the Diccionario "Universidad de Valladolid", which is currently under construction. He works with, a Danish company that sells internet dictionaries and other IT products.