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María Araceli Losey León

María Araceli Losey León

Tel +34 (9)56016153

Datos de contacto profesionales

Universidad de Cádiz
Departamento de Filología Francesa e Inglesa
Escuela de Ingenierías Marina, Náutica y Radioelectrónica. Polígono Río San Pedro s/n  
11510 Puerto Real (Cádiz)  

Campos científicos de interés

Diseño, elaboración y tipología de corpus
Lexicología y lexicografía basadas en corpus
Corpus, estudios contrastivos y traducción
Lingüística computacional basada en corpus
Corpus, adquisición y enseñanza de lenguas

Palabras clave de la investigación realizada

Languages for Specific Purposes; Corpus Linguistics; Computational Linguistics; Language Curriculum development, ESP Teacher Training, CALL; CLIL; Terminology; Specialised Translation;

Palabras clave de la transferencia del conocimiento

Corpus Linguistics; Computational Linguistics; Educational Language Technologies; Maritime English; Legal English; ESP Teaching

Otros detalles

María-Araceli Losey-León is a lecturer in the English and French Philology Department of the University of Cádiz, Spain, since 1991, where she teaches graduate courses (English for Seafaring, English for the Shipping Business and Port Industry, English for Marine Engineering, English for Radioelectronics Engineering, English for Maritime Communications, English for Shipbuilding; English for Law) and postgraduate courses on Technical English, Terminology management and Specialised Translation and Communication. She holds a PhD in English Philology (with high honors) from the University of Cádiz with a doctoral dissertation entitled Term-ontological organisation and representation of the safety of navigation domain (English-Spanish/Spanish-English. She is a full member of the ‘Lexicografía y Traducción’ (LEXYTRAD) research group and her fields of interest are mainly Terminology (-Ontologies), Corpus Linguistics, CALL, CLIL, Specialised Translation, Text Linguistics, ESP Pedagogy and Linguistic Technologies. Along the years, her research has been focused on different areas of Descriptive and Applied Linguistics, namely on specialised corpus management and exploitation, maritime terminology, descriptive terminography, ESP pedagogy and educational language technologies. She is author of many publications in the above fields and her works have been published in international journals and conference proceedings. She has been national coordinator of two EU-funded innovative education and training projects -MartelPlus (2010-2012), Captains (2010-2012)- and, within the context of innovation and research in Higher Education language teaching. In this line, she has led several projects on CLIL, CALL and TELL. At present, she is involved in the research project ‘VIP: Voice-text integrated system for InterPreters’, ref. no. FFI2016-75831, MINECO (2016-2020). Since 2017, Losey is member of the Terminology scientific committee of the Spanish Association of Languages for Specific Purposes (AELFE) and has served as peer reviewer for a wide number of journals both in Spain and abroad.

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